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OMA - Orpheus Music Academy is a dream project which started to be on shape in 2023 after 3 years of hard working from our team. 

The project was developed by our team in coperation with the cultural office in the city of Dortmund, The music school of Dortmund (Dortmund Musik) and the Vokalmusikzentrum NRW.

The project aims to give the children who came from an immegrant background to find their way throw learning their oreginal music as well as understand how to fit it with the European music. The project is going to start with year zero in 2023 and the first official year will be on 2024. 

Students will be accepted in this project will get the chance to learn for 6 official academic years and gain an official certifiate proving their music education. 

The project at the moment is focusin on children between 6 adn 14 years old (with some exeptions). 

To register your kid in this project you must be living in the area of Dortmund or not more than 30 KM far from Dortmund. The main responsable of the project is Orpheus de under the supervision and sponsoing of  (Dortmund Music - Dortmund Music school previously). 

You can find more information about the calendar of the academy in 2023 and the guide here . As well, you can alway contact us through to register your kids in the academy. 

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