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Orpheus ensemble has been founded on 2017 during the European project (Orpheus XXI – Music for Life and Dignity) under the supervision of the Catalan Maystro: Jordi Savall.  The ensemble include proffesioal musicians from several nationalise and backgrounds to insure more colorfull music although, we are still in the Path of the middle east music. The ensemble has main members and guest members based on each project and concert. Here is a list of permanent and guest musicians who play with Orpheus NRW ensemble:  


Rimonda Naanaa (Qanun) – Syria

Ronas Sheikhmous (Ney and Duduk) – Kurdistan

Georg Kroneis (Viola da gamba) – Austria

Rebal Alkhodari (Oud) – Syria

Nathan Bontrager (Viola da gamba) – Germany & USA

Badi Alhindo  (Violin) – Syria

Azad Ahmad (Saz) – Kurdistan

Damla Aydın ( Cello) – Turkey

Simon Tressin (Percusion) – Germany

Wajed Alhafyan (Qanun) – Syria

Yousef Laktina (Percusion) – Syria

Dominika Maria (Oud – Viella ) – Germany & Polen

Mustafa Talib  (Kamancheh) - Violin

Marcus ottschofski (Germany) - Kora

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