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The Ensemble (Orpheus NRW) was established in 2018ز The ensemble, which started with the support of international musician and Catalan Grammy Award winner Jordi Saval, has since that received the support of the city of Dortmund and is now practicing under the umbrella of the Vokalmusikzentrum – NRW.

By mid-2021, Orpheus group has decided to establish SATB Choir which sing oriental repertoir and giving the qualty the main focus. The choir includes 24 male and female singers from Germany, Syria, Kurdistan, Iran and Paelstine.

Sine that, the choir has learned 28 pieces and gave the following performances:

  • The widdding _ October 2021  (Dortmund - Germany)

  • The day of the choirs _ June 2022 (Dortmund - Germany)

  • Crossroads concert – November 2022 (Celje- Slovenia)

  • The choir is preparing 2 new project for 2023 with „ Klang musik festival“. The first concert is „Leo Africaus“ which should be performed on the 1st of June 2023 in the Orchesterzentrum NRW. While the second concert is  „Jeasus … a Journy of piece“  which will present the oriental christmass carols. This concert will in the Vokalmusikzentrum on the 17th of December 2023. `The choir is preparing concerts for 2023, 2024 in Germany, Spain, UAE, England, Hungary and Egypt. The choise has received support from several  Asosiations such as the Landesmusikrat NRW, Interkultur RUHR.

The choir regualrly call for new singers in the 5th month of the year. You can follow the choir on instagram to keep updated about the performances, auditionas and tours. 

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