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Orpheus Gemany

Who we are

 mixed of original and new Europeans who want to work together to early discover the new music which is going to appear after recieiving a huge amount of immegrants in Europe generaly and in Germany Particularly. We totally believe that mixing both European and middle east music will let us understand more the colorfull future which we are going to enter soon. 

What We Do

With our variety of partners from all over Europe and the middlea east we are presenting our projects theough music academies, Music  ensemble and choirs, festivals and much more. We are always open to make new projects with no limits.  


Orpheus Music Academy

Prepare children for the new musical future

DNA - Musikfestival ohne Rassismus.

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In den Nachrichten

Leo Africans
Konzert 1. June. 2023 

2023-04-08 (5)_edited.jpg

June 2023

Leo Africanus, ein andalusischer Diplomat und Forscher, war Zeit seines Lebens auf der Flucht, bis er sich zu Beginn des 16. Jahrhunderts schließlich in Tunesien niederließ. Und doch hatte er – wie viele Flüchtende – immer den Wunsch, eines Tages in seine Heimat zurückkehren zu können. 

Orpheus choir with Adhoc choir from Slovenia


December 2022

Crossroads is a project of the choir Orpheus from Dortmund (Germany), which is performed twice a year, each time in a different country and with other choirs, with the desire to spread the meaning of intercultural and intergenerational cooperation through music. The singers of the band Orpheus recreate a variety of choral music, and the tradition of oriental melos is in the foreground. The choir includes 24 male and female singers from Germany, Syria, Kurdistan, Iran, Palestine and Jordan. 

This time, they chose Celje - Center High School to participate, as the conductor of the Orpheus choir, Rebal Alkhodari, had already collaborated with GCC choirs in 2016, when he toured Celje together with the Jordanian National Choir. The concert collaboration is also complemented by the GCC Girls' Choir (conductor: David Preložnik) and the Ad hoc men's vocal ensemble, which consists of former GCC students and former FaVoZe singers.

"Couleur oriental" - the ensemble "Orpheus XXI NRW"

2023-04-08 (1)_edited.jpg

Mai 2022

Initiiert durch den renommierten Gambisten Jordi Savall, wurde 2016 im Flüchtlingslager Calais unter künstlerischer Leitung von Rebal Alkhodari das Weltmusikprojekt "Orpheus XXI" gegründet. Alkhodari, der in Damaskus orientalischen Gesang und Oud studiert hat, versteht das Ensemble als einen "Ort des Ankommens und des Dialogs zwischen den Kulturen".



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